Music = Health

Two years ago on a day like this, I gave birth to a bouncing baby girl, and named her Amber, just like me. So, there are two people in my house with the same name. But that’s beside the point. Compared to other mothers, my experience inside the birth room was not very painful. I had discovered a secret – music – and I knew it would help me ease the pain. Precisely, I carried CDs of classical music and listened to them throughout my stay in the delivery room. Words are not enough to describe how music distracted me from and reduced the pain. It actually calmed me down throughout the process.

Even though I was not testing whether music would work for me, I never thought it would be that great. And today, I have never stopped listening to my favorite music at every opportunity. If what many studies suggest is anything to go by, then music enhances good health. In fact, more music enhances good health. It has actually contributed greatly to my well-being. Here are some of the reasons why I will never stop listening to music.

It reduces stress

girl sitting on a bench

According to research, listening to music with a low pitch and low tempo calms both men and women down especially during painful or stressful events. Like everybody else, my heart rate goes up, which can cause blood pressure whenever I am facing a highly stressful situation. But music reduces heart rate during such times. With the main marker of stress neutralized, it means I stay stress-free, or suffer much less from stress.

A recent study conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital shows that when we listen to piano sonatas, our stress hormones reduce significantly. I want to live stress-free all my life, and this is why I will listen even more to my favorite radio station.

It decreases pain

As I experienced it inside a birthing room, music helps me a great deal with pain management. On my quest to discover more about the connection between music and pain, I came across a study carried out in 2013. It showed that when patients with fibromyalgia were assigned to their favorite music once on a daily basis for about four weeks, their pain reduced significantly. Well, fibromyalgia is a disease that is characterized by serious musculoskeletal pain. Even though it is not clear how music is able to reduce pain, professionals believe that it might be connected to its ability to reduce stress or its impact on the release of dopamine.

It improves my immune functioning

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I rarely get sick, and there can only be one reason for that – my immune system is strong. One of the things that boost my immune system is music. Of course, music influences the level of IgA, which is a very important antibody for human’s immune system. Research shows that soothing music significantly increases the production of IgA. Because I listen to my favorite radio station most of my free time, and when I am doing house chores, I can confidently say that the amount of IgA in my body is always high.