Music = Health

Two years ago on a day like this, I gave birth to a bouncing baby girl, and named her Amber, just like me. So, there are two people in my house with the same name. But that’s beside the point. Compared to other mothers, my experience inside the birth room was not very painful. I had discovered a secret – music – and I knew it would help me ease the pain. Precisely, I carried CDs of classical music and listened to them throughout my stay in the delivery room. Words are not enough to describe how music distracted me from and reduced the pain. It actually calmed me down throughout the process.

Even though I was not testing whether music would work for me, I never thought it would be that great. And today, I have never stopped listening to my favorite music at every opportunity. If what many studies suggest is anything to go by, then music enhances good health. In fact, more music enhances good health. It has actually contributed greatly to my well-being. Here are some of the reasons why I will never stop listening to music.

It reduces stress

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According to research, listening to music with a low pitch and low tempo calms both men and women down especially during painful or stressful events. Like everybody else, my heart rate goes up, which can cause blood pressure whenever I am facing a highly stressful situation. But music reduces heart rate during such times. With the main marker of stress neutralized, it means I stay stress-free, or suffer much less from stress.

A recent study conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital shows that when we listen to piano sonatas, our stress hormones reduce significantly. I want to live stress-free all my life, and this is why I will listen even more to my favorite radio station.

It decreases pain

As I experienced it inside a birthing room, music helps me a great deal with pain management. On my quest to discover more about the connection between music and pain, I came across a study carried out in 2013. It showed that when patients with fibromyalgia were assigned to their favorite music once on a daily basis for about four weeks, their pain reduced significantly. Well, fibromyalgia is a disease that is characterized by serious musculoskeletal pain. Even though it is not clear how music is able to reduce pain, professionals believe that it might be connected to its ability to reduce stress or its impact on the release of dopamine.

It improves my immune functioning

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I rarely get sick, and there can only be one reason for that – my immune system is strong. One of the things that boost my immune system is music. Of course, music influences the level of IgA, which is a very important antibody for human’s immune system. Research shows that soothing music significantly increases the production of IgA. Because I listen to my favorite radio station most of my free time, and when I am doing house chores, I can confidently say that the amount of IgA in my body is always high.


Choosing A Guitar

My name is Amber. I have been a guitar enthusiast since my dad, may he rest in peace, bought me my first one when I turned 11. It was an afterthought present from him for my birthday. He knew that I loved Shania Twain but I did not know that he wanted to turn me into her. What I came to know shortly after I strummed on the strings was that I wanted to do music and many years later, I would do more than that – I would teach music. And so here I am today, with a state-of-the art music room where I usually take a few students. I consider it my lab where I make musicians and I am proud to say that all of those who have passed through my hands have gone on to do very well.

Over the time that I have been in music, I have come to know a few very important things about music. One of the things I have had to do quite often, and become very good at is choosing a guitar. This applies to acoustic as well as electric guitars. So what makes a good guitar for beginners? I get this question more often than you would imagine, especially from parents seeking to buy their children the first guitar, mostly acoustic. Well, there are a few important factors to consider.

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The size

Many people overlook this simple factor, yet size is so important. Guitar sizes are measured by inches and different lengths are recommended for different ages. For example, a 30-inch guitar is best for kids aged between 4 and 6 years, 34 inches for kids of 6 to 9 years and 36 inches for kids aged 9 to 12 years. For anyone older than 12 years, a standard sized guitar will do just fine.

Consider electric-acoustic guitars

Why not go for the best of both worlds? In the market, there are amazing electro-acoustic guitars for kids as well as grownups. If you are a total newbie to guitar playing, you can use the guitar in acoustic mode and if you have been playing some, you can amplify the sound some by going electric, especially when you are playing in a band with other instruments. You see, the main purpose of buying an electric guitar is because of the amplified sound.

The general sentiment is that the electric guitar is used for rock, pop and other fast music while the acoustic guitar is associated with country and folk. If this helps you as a beginner, well then, consider it. If it doesn’t, just buy what you fancy.

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Price – find a balance between too high and too low

Buying a guitar at a dirt-cheap price means one thing – you get a dirt-cheap guitar. However, buying a very expensive guitar does not guarantee anything. The best thing is to find a balance between the prices. Find a moderately priced guitar that has the promise of endurance and longevity. If you can find a highly reputed brand name at an affordable price, buy it. You will be glad you did.

Read reviews before buying

Seriously, who buys things blindly online or offline? Read a few user reviews for certain guitar brands and models and believe what the users say because they have had a first-hand experience with the products.

A couple of acoustic guitars to consider buying

Donner DAG-1C

Donner DAG-1C

This is a full-size acoustic guitar that has a body made of a dreadnaught, a top made of spruce and back and sides that are made of mahogany. It is made with 20 brass frets. It is rich in tone and is suitable for all types of music.


Sold with a carry bag, strap and strings, tuner,

No conditions for the 30-day money back guarantee

Easy to play high notes because of the excellent sound quality


Requires its chords to be tuned almost every time. Some people find that boring

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Washburn RO10

Washburn RO10

This is a steel-stringed guitar that is sleek and slim in shape. It is only 24 inches long making it great for smaller kids. But anyone can play it. Because of its small size, this guitar is deemed perfect for travel and it fits in the overhead section of an airplane. It is sold with three picks, strums and a CD for instructions.


High-quality spruce top, mahogany body and a fingerboard made of rosewood

Sizeable, padded travel case for traveling

Available in different shades of color


It is a small guitar, thus denying you the richness of tone that bigger guitars would offer


Piano Tuning – When Should You Do It

Piano removal (moving from one place to another) has been my specialization for many years now. Whenever I am delivering a piano, most of my customers usually ask me whether moving the piano will make it lose its tune. I also remember when I first bought a piano. I had no idea when and after how long I was to tune it.

I felt that moving it from the shop to my home, or from my current home to a new one will affect its pitch and that it might need tuning. I later learned that this is not actually the case. After sometimes, I realized that changes in the piano’s tune are due to changes in humidity especially if a piano loses its pitch after moving. After all, movers usually wrap and protect pianos very carefully in order to protect it against any changes in temperature and humidity.

Why pianos require tuning

piano tuning

I need to tune my piano occasionally because its metal strings usually stretch with time. The piano strings are always under high tension, and this causes them to stretch and lengthen over time. In fact, I have realized that this happens even if I don’t play my piano. I never knew that failure to tune the piano could make it go flat.

When to tune the piano

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When I bought my first piano, I was very happy. I consulted professionals on when my piano should be tuned because I wanted nothing but a proper pitch. I found out that a new piano should be tuned after every three months in its first year. Therefore, a new piano should be tuned four times in its first year in order to break it in. Compared to an old piano, a new one needs to be tuned more regularly because no tension has ever been put on its steel strings. This means that strings of a new piano do stretch faster thereby losing its tune faster as compared to older one.

After one year, I recommend that a piano should be tuned after every six months. Tuning it less often than this will only make the piano to lose tune and pitch as well. Leaving piano too flat for a long time makes the tuner ineffective, and it might fail to bring back the piano pitch up to the standard pitch.

If a piano stays for too long without being tuned, it might lose the ability to bear the strain of raising its pitch back to the standard. This strain could cause the strings of the piano to break. It can also damage the piano frame, or cause the strings of the piano to break just like an acoustic guitar.

Sometimes, an old piano might lose its tune before the end of six months when it should be tuned. In this case, what often causes this situation is humidity. Because a piano is about 85 percent wood, any change in humidity definitely leads to expansion or contraction of the wood, and this has an effect on the piano tune. In case a piano loses its tune very fast, getting a dehumidifier or a humidifier would be a good idea.